Accumate Cigar Lead ‘SAE Connector’ O2





This is this the newer SAE connector please check your fitting before purchase

This special accessory plug lead for use with Accumates allows connection to standard car cigarette lighter sockets and also small accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Triumph & Honda motorcycles by removing the detachable red sleeve. It also fits the matching accessory plug socket.

Simply plug one end into the outlet lead of the Accumate and the other end into the required accessory cable

Note before ordering, please check that your cigarette lighter is live when the ignition is OFF.

The accessory plug lead is wired for NEGATIVE EARTH vehicles if you have a positive earth vehicle, it is necessary to rewire the plug accordingly this is a simple job as screw terminals are used

Plug with twist off adapter, fits 12mm BIKE/DIN or 21mm AUTO sockets, power delivered through an industry standard 2-pole SAE connector.


8A fuse (inside connector)

Cable max. rating: 5 Amp

-20C/-4F low temperature use


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