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Nanolex Microfibre Wash

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An Essential Tool For Maintaining Your Microfibre Products

Nanolex Microfibre Wash is specifically designed for microfibre towels and other accessories. High quality microfiber tools such as polishing pads, drying towels, wash mitts and applicator pads must be properly washed in order to protect their microfiber structure and functionality.

The special formulation – which is free from artificial fragrances and brighteners – ensures a rigorous, residue-free, yet mild and damage-free wash. This results in longer-lasting microfiber tools with intact capillary structures and unconfined dirt removal capability, not affected by detergent residuals.

Amphoteric surfactants with outstanding cleaning properties prevent streaking and smearing when the microfibre tools are used, while waxes, polymers and polishing residuals are completely removed. This specially-designed detergent is also highly suitable for an optimal, residue-free cleaning of polishing pads.

Nanolex Microfiber Wash was developed, tested and produced in Germany.


Used 50ml per wash and set the machine on a 40 degree synthetics cycle.

After each wash I noticed the cloths were very clean, but some staining did remain (typically exhaust grime)

Once dry however, I was amazed at how fluffy and soft they came out

Large 750ml bottle


Suitable for microfibre towels, applicator pads and machine polisher pads

Artificial fragrance free

Gentle yet effective

Removes waxes, polymers and polish

Prolongs the life of your microfibres

Directions For Use

50ml for up to 10kg of microfibers at 60 degrees

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