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Monza Pro TORNADOR Vortex Cleaning Gun


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Following on from the Tornador cleaning gun, let us introduce you to the new Monza Vortex Cleaning Gun. The Vortex is an advanced, next generation cleaning gun, which offers a number of additional benefits when compared to the Tornador Cleaning Gun:

More robust build, with stainless motor and parts
Increased cleaning power
Better control
Easy maintenance

The Vortex is an excellent alternative for customers wanting a heavy, duty advanced cleaning gun.

How does the Vortex cleaning gun work?

Like the Tornador Gun, the Vortex uses a combination of high pressure air and chemical. It is extremely fast and safe and easy to use.

Creates a tornador effect to remove dirt from hard to reach areas that other methods can’t reach
Does not use crevice tools or brushing, so perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces such as head linings, convertible roofs and leather upholstery
Adjustable chemical application allows greater flexibility with the amount of chemical required

Where can I use the Vortex cleaning gun?

Just like the Tornador, the Vortex cleaning gun is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications such as


Hard to reach areas – vents, seat belt holders and seat rails, gear-shift boot, door pockets, joins between trim.
Delicate surfaces – leather, head linings, suede effect upholstery, switchgear, sat nav screens.
Cleaning and restoring texture to floor mats and upholstery.


Hard to reach areas – panel gaps, trim, around badges, crevices in truck chassis
Removing water or polish residue from crevices, grilles and panel gaps
Light / medium under bonnet clean
Convertible roofs
Large surface areas such as trucks and agricultural vehicles

What equipment do I need to run the Vortex:

8 bars minimum pressure
200 l/min
Minimum tank capacity 50 – Recommend 100 litres


Makes Cleaning Effortless

Effective Cleaning of Upholstery

Safe on all surfaces

Minimises the need for strong chemicals

Saves Time, Cleans and dries

Perfect for hard to reach areas

Robust build, with metal parts and increased reliability

User friendly warm handle – much more pleasant in use than the metal Tornador handle

Adjustable chemical and air intake, gives greater control and versatility

Swivel air intake tube prevents it getting tangled up in use

Focused air stream for more directional clean, with less splatter.

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