Gliptone Large Underseat Leather Air Freshener

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These extra large Gliptone air fresheners are for fitting under seating of cars and suites, they measure 14 cm square (5.5”sq) and hold the scent content of four standard air fresheners. This may seem excessive but the smell of leather is completely different to other smells, one’s nose immediately notices it on first contact, but then acclimatises to it, it’s no longer there unless you think about it.

Unlike “leather aroma” sprays that last minutes, don’t smell of leather, or react with other smells which you cannot remove, liquid leather Air Fresheners can simply be taken out if you don’t like it. Another clever idea from Gliptone. Use liquid leather cleaner & conditioner to look after your leather and install the smell of leather into your leather forever.

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners are dipped, not sprayed and therefore have 60% more scent content.

They are allowed to dry naturally for 48 hours rather than force dried. This gives 20% more scent retention.

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners contain no harmful chemicals that could damage leather, plastic or metal trim/finishes. Which means you can safely hang or place them anywhere in the car, home or office..

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