Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener

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Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener fills your cockpit with the rich smell of fresh cherries!

If your vehicle looks and feels clean, it should smell clean, too. Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener will freshen the air inside your vehicle with pleasant, not-too-strong cherry fragrance. Cover up foul smells or just enhance your driving experience with this nice cherry aroma.

Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener lasts about a week. Spray the scent under each seat. You can also saturate a small sponge and place it under the seat near an air vent to circulate the smell.

Even if you don’t have leather seats, who doesn’t love the smell of leather? Now you can enjoy it all the time with Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener.

Poorboys Cherry Scent Air Freshener is the perfect finishing touch to a clean, well-detailed interior.

473ml trigger spray bottle


* Can be used neat or diluted.

* Ideal for spraying roof linings, foot wells, seats or the boot.

* Can also be used in the screen wash to give a subtle fragrance.

* For use in the car or home!


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