NANOPRO Fabric & Leather Sealant

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NANOPRO Fabric & Leather Waterpoof Sealant is a high technology coating especially for all interior & exterior fabric & interior leather seats and carpets that repels water, fluids and dirt, resisting stains and offering superior protection.

Helps reduce leather dye transfer from blue jeans also on leather.

The Nanotechnology is designed to coat the fabric surface with a durable layer that will help repel liquids and actually aid against wear and usage. The sealant is 100% invisible and does not alter the look or feel of the fabric; indeed it still allows the fabric to remain breathable and supple.

The coating resists dirt making interior cleaning much easier with no need for harsh chemicals. By the application of this advanced chemical sealant liquids or spills will ‘slip’ off the surface rather than penetrating the fibre of the fabric can be easily wiped off.

NANOPRO fabric & leather sealant is superior to all other fabric protection products because of its advanced nanotechnology, and depending on driving and usage conditions, it can last for up to 6-12 months internal and approx 3- 6 months on exterior fabrics depending on wear on the fabric / leather.

50ml Spray Bottle


Vacuum and clean the fabric & leather surfaces first to ensure loose dirt and fibres are removed.

Next spray the NANOPRO Sealant onto the surfaces to be protected, avoiding contact with other substrates within the car.

Allow to completely dry for a minimum of 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions and temperature.

NANOPRO fabric sealant is safe for most interior fabric & leather surfaces.

Always try on a small hidden section to ensure compatibility.

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