Meguiars Engine Cleaner & Dressing Kit

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Meguiars Engine Cleaner & Dressing Kit

1x Meguiars Engine Cleaner has been engineered for fast, and easy engine cleaning. The safe and fresh smelling formula quickly lifts away dirt, grease and grime from all engine bay materials. The biodegradable formula penetrates and cleans even the hardest to reach areas. This product is safe for use on rubber and plastics and guaranteed not to degrade fittings or hoses.

Size: 450ml

1x Meguiars NEW!! Engine Dressing keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new. The dressing safely restores and protects engine bay materials for a like new appearance. It provides long-lasting protection in a non-greasy skin safe solvent free dressing. The specialised formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening of plastics and rubbers.

Trigger Spray Size: 450ml

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