Nanolex Glass Polish

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Nanolex Premium Glass Polish is a water-based, citric polish designed to thoroughly clean glass surfaces from stubborn bonded contamination.

It combines physical, abrasive cutting with chemical cleaning power by utilizing micro-abrasives and citric acid.

Nanolex Premium Glass Polish leaves glass surfaces perfectly prepared for a following application of Nanolex glass sealants.

100ml bottle

Directions For Use

Shake all bottles very well before use!
Put 5 ml of Nanolex Premium Glass Polish on a lint free cloth and clean the glass thoroughly until the complete glass surface is absolutely clean. This step is absolutely crucial in order to achieve a durable result. Use Nanolex Premium Glass Cleaner as a last step to make sure that all glass polish residue is removed.

Also make sure to clean the windshield wipers as well before they are used on the sealed surface.

Dirty windshield wipers can easily damage the fresh sealant!

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