Autoglym Leather Care Complete Kit

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This Autoglym Leather Care Complete Kit has all you need to clean and protect your interior leather seats and trim.

This kit contains:

1x Autoglym Spray Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner contains specialised cleaning and deodorising agents to safely clean and freshen automotive leather upholstery.

Unlike harsher detergents Leather Cleaner has a natural pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils which keep leather supple and prevent surface cracking.


1x Leather Care Balm

Leather Care Balm is a carefully blended emulsion containing soaps, natural oils and polymeric surface proofing agents which nourish, moisturise and provide protection from marks and staining.

Regular light treatment will preserve the natural appearance and characteristics of automotive and motorcycle leather, with the added benefit of easy cleaning and ongoing spill protection.

Leather Care Balm is primarily a feeder and protectant for use on clean or pre-cleaned leather. Soiled leather should first be cleaned with Autoglym Leather Cleaner.

Leather Care Balm is also suitable for use on motorcycle leathers. Soiled leather should first be cleaned with Autoglym Motorcycle Leather Cleaner.


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