Dr Leather Advanced Leather Cleaner

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Dr Leather Advanced Leather Cleaner is created by Leather Technologists that develop and manufacture leather, Advanced Leather Cleaner is an effective way to clean and maintain your leather products.

Dr Leather Advanced Leather Cleaner is bio-degradable and made from a non-toxic formulation. As it is also silicone free it ensures a non slippery and non shiny finish to surfaces.

500ml sized bottle with spray trigger head.


* pH neutral formulation

* Cleans the all-important coating of the leather

* Restores the original feel and look

* Silicone free

* Created by leather technologists that develop and manufacture leather

Directions For Use

Vacuum leather gently of any lose debris.

Before wiping clear with a soft general purpose microfibre – allowing the fibres to collect the lose dirt lifted by the wipe.

For more stubborn dirt, after applying the wipe fresh out of the container, agitate the foam gently with a soft nail brush, before wiping away with a microfibre cloth.

Allow to dry clear, no buffing required.

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