Dr Leather Dye Block

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Dr Leather Dye Block is designed to be a protectant on the leather and virtually eliminate dye transfer on light coloured leathers.

Essentially you are putting a new and extra top coat on to the leather that is more resistant to soil build up and most importantly much more resistant to dye transfer issues. The thing is that most modern day automotive leathers are tested to certain criteria, mainly durability and abrasion resistance.

Until now there was less attention paid to colour transfer and soiling issues. So this product is aiming to remedy the situation. Once applied and allowed to dry and cure sufficiently the coating should be tough enough to last at least 6 months before reapplication is needed.

The leather must be cleaned and dried before application in order to ensure maximum coating integrity from the onset.

250ml bottle

Cannot be used on untreated leathers.


Created by Leather Technologists for modern leathers

Protection for the all-important coating of the leather

Reduces clothing dye transfer and rate of dirt build-up

Unique chemistry makes the protective coating durable

High clarity transparent coating maintains original look

Surface touch of the leather remains virtually unchanged

Simple application method for ease and speed of use


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