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Poorboys Leather Stuff is part cleaner, part conditioner, part protectant for your leather, vinyl, and rubber. Since all these surfaces are porous, they all respond similarly to the environment, i.e. fading, stains, and cracking. Poorboys Leather Stuff combats these effects with a sophisticated blend of UV protectants and moisturisers that leave these surfaces soft, clean and non-greasy.

The most hazardous threat to leather is the sun. That’s why Poorboys Leather Stuff contains UVA and UVB protection. It shields your leather seats, panels, and trim from the intense rays without making the surface of the leather feel stiff or slick. Your leather will look and feel the way it was intended: soft, supple, and moisturised. It even has a natural leather fragrance!

Poorboys Leather Stuff contains gentle cleaners that lift stains and soil out of the pores. The formula is quick-drying and non-greasy. Use a microfibre applicator pad to work the product into the material. Wipe off excess product with a dry towel if necessary. Microfibre is always best because it doesn’t leave lint.

473ml bottle


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