Monza Pro Wool Detailing Pad

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These new Monza Superfine Wool Pile Pads come with a 10mm foam layer for greater control of the pad.

For use on Dual Action or Rotary Machines.

Short pile wool with a 10mm foam layer for extra pad control and a fantastic finish.

Choice of either 3″, 4″, 5.5″ & 6.5″ pad size


Wool Pads don’t get as hot as foam pads as wool pads dissipate heat through the fibres.
Wool Pads gives better control, not as much jumping as foam pads.
Wool Pads Removes heavy oxidation much more efficiently than a form pad.
Wool Pads cuts faster.
Wool Pads can level the paint better thereby giving a better overall finish.

Size: 135mm
Wool Pile: 10mm
Foam Layer: 10mm
Surface: Velcro®
Max RPM: 2,500


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