DAS 500 watt Dual Action Car Polisher

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This Dual Action 500watt Polisher will give you a perfect finish on your cars paintwork.

This polisher is modeled on the worlds best selling DAS-6 machine, this machine has a more powerful 600w motor, it has variable 6 speed settings and a soft start feature and a long cable for ease of movement, and comes complete with a comfortable multi position D grip handle and a 6″ backing plate.

This dual action machine polisher is low risk and ideal for removing swirls and minor scratches as well as applying glazes, sealants and waxes.

500watt dual action electric polisher with 6″ backing plate


The DAS-6 comes with a UK 240 volt plug, is fully CE marked and has a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

The improved machine comes with a a heavy duty 3.1 meter cable and D-Handle.

Dual action polishers like this DAS-6 are very popular with enthusiasts and professionals as they offer a low risk and easy to use all in one product.

The DAS-6 has a powerful 500w motor and it’s possible to remove light scratches, swirls and bird dropping etching when used with good quality machine polish.

It’s also ideal for applying glazes, sealants and waxes.



  • Orbit Size: 8mm
  • Backing Plate Thread Size: 5/16″ (same as Porter Cable, G220 and UDM’s)
  • Variable 6 Speed Dial: 2,500 to 6,500rpm
  • Weight – 2.3kg (approx)
  • Supplied Velcro Backing Plates Size: 125mm ( 5” )
  • Fits 5″, 6″ and 6.5″ polishing pads

Key Features:

  • CE marked / 240v with UK plug
  • 3 Meter Heavy Duty Cable
  • D-Handle and Side Handle
  • Aluminium Gear Housing Cover
  • CNC Finished Gears
  • Electricity Feedback Circuit
  • 1 Year UK Manufacturer Warranty

What’s in the box:

  • DAS6 Dual Action Polishing Machine
  •  DA Backing Plate
  • ‘D’ Handle
  • Spanner (for changing backing plate)
  • Allan key (for fitting ‘D’ handle)
  • Bolts & Washers for D handle

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for DAS 500 watt Dual Action Car Polisher

  1. jay

    This machine feels solid, the buttons action well and the parts feel like quality. Within the box you get the hand held machine, a 150mm backing pad with hook for loop (Velcro) face, ready to take a soft polish pad. You also get a handle with screws, washers and allen key if you wish to add the handle – I don’t bother. You also get a thin spanner. You don’t get a bag, like you would with the equivalent Dodo kit, but mine stows nicely in a drawer, but would warn that I do need a plastic bag to rest the machine one, when taking a rest, grabbing bottles etc.

    The chord is probably about 12 foot long, so you’ll need an extension cable. The cable is flexible yet well sheathed. There is a moulded uk 3 pin plug. The backing plate screws easily into the machine; the spanner allows you to undo the backing plate once finished. The cable also has a velcro tidy band, for neat storage. Once finished, its worth cleaning the accessories, and stowing away when dry – my manual got wet and mouldy.

    The backing plate is screwed slightly off centre, hence the random orbit, thus having less chance of you stopping on one spot and then creating too much heat in the centre spot – good. The plate is 150mm, so is incredibly snug when you buy and apply a 150mm foam pad. I bought 3M pads and they fit neatly; I’ve also bought a Halfords own, which again is snug. Therefore you’ll be sure not to heavily tilt the machine and catch your paint with the edge of the velcro. I’m tempted to buy a rubberised backing plate – there are some on Amazon that have the same screw.

    Using the machine is easy. I’ve followed this video ( The machine can easily be held in one hand (2 for reassurance), and you don’t need to apply pressure – the weight alone does that. I think using thicker foam pads would help when you have awkward or undulating surfaces. I do try starting with a low speed such as 1 or 2, then soon ramp it up to say 5, where the machine visibly becomes quicker and audibly louder. The main noise comes from the resonance of the car body panel.

    The best tip I must pass on is to mark your backing plate with a thick pen. If you apply too much pressure, then the line becomes easily visible – it almost looks static – therefore you instantly know to back off.

  2. P Swift

    Great machine polisher and a great price.

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