Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher

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Meguiars MT320 polisher comes packed with everything you will want to bestow a completely perfect finish to your car’s paint work. Combining ergonomic design and function, the MT320 features a wide speed range of 3,000 7,500 OPM to facilitate quicker compounding and a neat and clean final polishing and waxing. The thumb adjustable speed dial and outer casing are meticulously designed in order to provide an ergonomic feel and a highly smooth buffing experience.

The kit contains advanced electronics designed to maintain and regulate the speed and torque of the machine. This will assure you a superior finish every time you use it. The all new billet counter weight design accounts for a smooth and balanced use of the machine. The soft start enables an easy control while turning on the tool.

You can use the MT320 on all kinds of paintworks ranging from brand new to neglected painted surfaces without any kind of training whatsoever. This is the most suitable kit to use with the complete range of Meguiar’s products.

You will also love the MT320’s multi-position D handle, wrench and a Monza 5″ backing plate. The dual action polisher can easily remove scratches, swirl marks and make the surface smooth enough to apply a coat of your chosen wax.


Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher has all the features you would expect from one of the most recognizable names in car care Meguiars.

* Digital Torque Management (DTM) maintains pad rotation under load

* Thumb adjustable speed dial 3000 -7500 OPM speed range

* Soft start provides easy control when turning on machine

* Replaceable brushes can be replaced in your own garage

* Billet counterweight ensures smooth operation

Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher is powerful enough to remove swirl marks and scratches, and smooth enough to apply a coat of your favourite wax.

Use the Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher with any foam or microfiber pads.

The Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher accepts all DA backing plates for added versatility.

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