Mothers Power Cone Metal Polishing Tool

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Mothers PowerCone offers the widest range of polishing possibilities, making quick work of any uncoated, polishable metal finish, no matter how intricate the design. Its ingenious conical shape provides an infinite range of sizes – ideal for getting into tight, difficult-to-reach areas. You’ll find that the PowerCone’s long tapered side is perfect for polishing broad, curved surfaces. Combined with Mothers metal polish, the PowerCone gives you a deep, mirror-like shine in less time.

The soft dense foam is tapered to allow access to all surfaces of wheels, bumpers, and grilles. The narrow tip fits between grille slats or narrow spoke designs. The wider base of the PowerCone is perfect for wide set spokes. For metal bumpers, turn the PowerCone on its side to get fast coverage.

Mothers PowerCone fit onto a standard electric drill. The overall size of the PowerCone is 6 inches from end to end. The narrow tip is solid foam and the base of the cone is cut into tabs to give the foam more flexibility against curved surfaces. For the best results, keep the PowerCone lubricated with polish while it’s spinning. Use light pressure to avoid wear on the foam.

Price is for one cone


Polish tough-to-reach metal surfaces with Mothers PowerCone. This cone-shaped foam polishing tool provides a narrow tip and a broader base and all sizes in between so you have the perfect tool for any concave space. Polish spoke wheels or turn Mothers PowerCone sideways to polish broad metal surfaces. The options are endless!

Directions For Use

For the best results, keep Mothers PowerCone lubricated with polish while it’s spinning. Feather the speed control and use light pressure to avoid wear on the foam. When you’re finished polishing, wash the PowerCone with a degreasing cleanser.

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