Meguiars Ultimate Polish

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Meguiars Ultimate Polish Car polish and wax both are meant to protect the paintwork. They both can be incorporated as part of the car washing schedule. They can help bestow a fantastic look to your car maintaining the new like finish for a long time.

However, car polish is applied on to the car surface before applying the wax coat. Polish helps remove dirt, grease and scratches from the car surface that cannot be removed while washing. Polishes differ from wax in such a way that they remove dirt, but cannot provide any protection. Polish must be used before waxing in a circular movement by hand or with the help of an electric car polisher. When the car surface has a lot of scratches or rust, polishing is the best choice before waxing to make the surface smooth and clear of all the blemishes.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish is meant to be applied on to your car’s paintwork as the final step before waxing to achieve the best gloss and reflectivity. The rich polishing oils that constitute the product help add a deep, rich and wet look to the paintwork. This product is highly suitable for dark colored cars. To get the best results, apply Ultimate Wax after applying this product. Available as 473 ml bottle, Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish can prepare the painting work for waxing.

473ml Bottle

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