Meguiars Ultimate Polishing Compound

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Meguiars Ultimate Polishiing Compound is perhaps the best polishing compound you find in the market today due to its exceptional features and constituents.

Based on an exclusive kind of micro-abrasive technology, Meguiars Ultimate Polishiing Compound can cut as fast as a traditional compound, but without leaving any scratches. It will leave a smooth finish without any swirls just in one step. This can produce amazing results even on clear coat finishes. Hence it reduces the time and effort needed to remove any defects. Meguiars Ultimate Polishiing Compound is the best way to remove swirl marks, water spots, scratches, blemishes, and oxidation from any type of paintworks.

Meguiars Ultimate Polishing Compound can level without scratching and in a single step you can achieve what you can achieve by using many products. Working quicker than you can believe, it bestows a glossy and smooth finish to your car. You can use it by hand or machine as you want.

Just apply Meguiars Ultimate Compound with the help of a soft and clean applicator pad. Focus only on one section at a time applying moderate pressure. Dry it by wiping with a soft Monza Microfibre Towel and buff with the towel turned. You can apply it either by hand or with the help of duel action polisher to any type of paint to find smooth results in just one step.

Size: 473ml


Restores colour & reflectivity to neglected finishes

Cuts as fast as harsh abrasives – without scratching

Clearcoat safe

Used by hand or by machine

Directions For Use

Apply Meguiars Ultimate Compound using a clean, soft applicator pad to one section at a time using moderate pressure. Wipe dry with a soft Monza Microfibre Towel. Turn the towel and buff.

To apply Meguiars Ultimate Compound with a dual action polisher, use a buffing pad to apply to one section at a time. Re-apply as needed to stubborn spots. Wipe clean with a Monza Microfibre Towel and then buff.

Follow Meguiars Ultimate Compound with Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 to seal in the shine.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound will become your go-to rubbing compound! Apply it by hand or dual action polisher, to any type of paint, to enjoy smooth results in one step.

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