NANO PRO Pre Ceramic Surface Paint & Glass Cleaner

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Nano Pro Ceramic Cleaner

is a Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA 99%) highly concentrated chemical cleaning product, in almost all cases should be diluted with water to an appropriate strength before use.

For use on soft paint finishes and other sensitive surfaces it should be diluted 4:1, while for use on medium to hard paint finishes this can be decreased to 1:1.

For best results, lightly mist a water diluted solution of ceramic IPA cleaner over the work area and immediately wipe the area down using a soft Microfibre Towel. Refold your towel and buff the panel down carefully to leave a perfect smear-free finish, which can then be properly assessed with high intensity lighting to determine if the level of correction has been achieved.

500ml Bottle

Please note that because this product is a chemical cleaning product it should NOT be used after applying glazes or waxes either.

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