Meguiars Plastic Headlight Restoration Kit

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Meguiars Plastic Headlight Restoration Kit restores clarity to your car headlights using the Meguiars 2 Step Headlight Kit.

This kit transforms dull, yellowed & oxidized headlights back to their former glory. Simply add a quarter-sized amount of perfect cleaning solution on to the cleaning pad provided and apply using a back and forth motion until the entire headlight surface is covered.

Once it appears completely frosted, wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry completely.

Next, apply one medium layer of Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Headlight Coating to the whole surface and let dry for 3-5 mins before applying a second coat to fully seal.

Durable UV Coating lasts over 12 months

Easily removes oxidation

  • Quickly and easily restores plastic headlight clarity to cloudy, oxidized and yellowed headlights
  • High-quality coating protects your headlights against yellowing and re-oxidation for up to 12 months
  • No drill required; simply clean and coat your plastic headlights
  • Enhances visibility and safety for night driving
  • Delivers crystal clear finish to your headlights without sanding
  • Restore your headlights quickly, safely and easily
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