Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Sealant

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Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray Sealant 500ml

Sealants work in a way similar to the car wax. The purpose of applying a paint sealant is to guard the car’s paintwork finish. They have some unique properties of their own. The durability of the paint sealants is significantly enhanced. Sealants also help in reducing the surface tension. Car wax works by shunning the dirty water from paint work, the paint sealants work by shedding water and grime in a better way so that the car can stay cleaner for a longer time. Hence sealants make it easy to maintain and wash your cars.

Paint sealants are highly depended on for protecting the car paintwork from UV damage, acid rain and industrial fallout. They also bestow a more glossy kind of reflectivity to the car exteriors.

Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray Sealant can be used on wet panels as a rinse wax in order to save time and effort. Alternatively, it can also be applied on dry paint instead of the regular wax or sealant. If you wish to top up the existing protection or using it independently, Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray Sealant can be applied easily and can last for so long over the other standard kinds of waxes and sealants available in the market today. It can also bead very well and can sheet like crazy. Under right conditions, about four months of longevity is assured.

500ml Spray Bottle

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Sealant

  1. David Fletcher

    I used this car sealant at the weekend and it was so easy and gave a great gloss too.

  2. marc_oshea

    This product is incredible. Beads like a charm and last for a long time. Don’t get over spray on your windows or you will find out how long it lasts. One of dodo juices finest.

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