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Valet PRO Dragons Breath Iron Remover


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It stinks! Yes that’s right this product stinks to high heaven hence the name Dragon’s Breath.

However this is a truly amazing product, it safely cleans painted and metal surfaces, drawing out contamination.

Valet Pro Dragon’s Breath is a pH neutral iron fallout contamination remover that is safe to use on wheels and bodywork.

Iron Fallout Contaminates are very fine iron filings which come from a number of sources, the most common being brakes. These filings etch into your vehicles wheels and paintwork and can cause corrosion.

A quick spray of Dragon’s Breath will work very quickly to turn these iron filings to a water soluble state which can be rinsed away. Dragon’s Breath turns red when it reacts with iron contamination so you know when it’s working.

1 Litre non spray container

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