Monza Premium Tyre & Rubber Glow

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If you like great deep black high gloss, intense shine on your vehicle’s tyres, Monza Tyre Glow is formulated just for you.

This product delivers an instant burst of gloss and wet-looking shine to dull, drab tyres.

Unlike many shiny tyre dressings, this will last through rain and bad weather for much longer.

It protects the rubber with a non-drying formula, it will also prevents browning, fading, and cracking.

500ml bottle size

Directions For Use

Pour a small amount of Monza Tyre Glow directly onto an applicator pad then apply around the whole tyre and leave to dry to a gloss finish.

To maximize gloss, apply a second coat approx twenty minutes after the first coat. To tone down the shine, wipe the tyre immediately after application using a microfibre cloth.

Do not use near windscreen rubber.