Autoglym Instadry Incredibly Absorbent Drying Cloth

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Autoglym Instadry Incredibly Absorbent Drying Cloth is a rapid drying, incredibly absorbent, easy to wring out, PVA impregnated cloth. It can be used to dry your car following wash, preventing water spots and streaks.

It is extremely long lasting and the absorbency actually improves with each use.



Easy to wring out

Machine washable up to 95c

Removes all wash water from vehicle

PVA coating resists bacteria build up

Easy to care for

Usage Instructions:

  • Wash the vehicle with your favourite Autoglym shampoo.
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean water before and during use.
  • Ring out as required.
  • An occasional hand wash in warm water containing mild detergent will keep the InstaDry in good condition. Alternately machine wash using liquid detergent without fabric softener and allow to air dry.
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1 review for Autoglym Instadry Incredibly Absorbent Drying Cloth

  1. Mike Green

    I have been washing cars since I was a child, growing up with a father who was a cabbie I would help him wash the taxi every weekend, I wish my father was still around to have tried this cloth both of us were shammy leather people as was the friend who told me about this product, I thought it won’t be as good but WOW it’s much better and a great price for the size of cloth a good leather in that size would be £25

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