Monza Fast Dry Water Drying Blade

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This Monza Fast Dry Water Blade will revolutionize the way you dry your car. It removes water quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.

It will mold itself to almost any contour, and dries the surface in one pass. The Water Blade has many unique properties such as the 12″ long blade that is made of medical grade silicone, one of the most gentle and smooth substances available.

The patented T-Bar edge combined with the flexibility of the silicone creates the most efficient drying device available. Towels and chamois often leave lint and other deposits on the surface of your vehicle. The Water Blade virtually eliminates messy chamois and towels. This Monza Water Blade easily whisks away water and its soft medical grade silicone and patented T-Bar tip will not scratch the surface or leave deposits.

250mm wide


Virtually eliminates messy towels and chamois and dries your vehicle in 1/3 the time

Will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces (including the paint on your vehicle)

Flexible silicone blade molds to the shape of surfaces

Made of soft medical grade silicone that 15 times less friction than terrycloth towels

Large, comfortable ABS plastic handle with ergonomically-designed grip to minimize fatigue during use

Patented T-Bar edge

One pass is all it takes to dry it

Many uses around the house too!

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