Autoglym Pure Shampoo

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Squeaky clean paintwork is an essential part of the car care routine.

This Autoglym Pure / Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is an easy to use and safe pH neutral formulation.

Its rich foam quickly breaks down and removes everyday contaminants from your vehicle.

Also great to use in a foam lance for extra safe swirl free foam cleaning.

Choice of 500ml or 1 Litre Bottle


Directions For Use

Shake well.

Pour 2 cupfuls into a bucket and add 10 litres of water.

Hose bodywork before you start to rinse away excess dirt. Always work on a cool surface, shampooing the car from the roof down.

Do not allow the shampoo to dry on the car.

Rinse well with clean water and dry with a Microfibre Drying Towel to prevent water spots. If you are using Rapid Aqua Wax, there is no need to dry the car.

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