Dodo Juice Sour Power Car Wash Shampoo 500ml

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Dodo Juice Sour Power is our gloss-enhancing shampoo, designed to leave behind a very thin layer of carnauba wax after washing (unlike Born to be Mild, which is designed purely to clean, and leave nothing behind).

However, as well as adding a little gloss and protection to paintwork and fortifying the wax underneath, it still contains an array of powerful cleaning and foaming agents, ensuring an effective, highly-lubricated wash. Don’t take our word for it – you can feel how slick it is between your fingers.

What else? Well, being pH-neutral means it’s kind to underlying waxes and sealants – so it won’t strip them off and actually increases their inherent protection thanks to the wax residue left behind.

It’s also super-concentrated (about 3x standard high street shampoo strength), so you can dilute it with water 1:600 and it’ll still work a treat.

500ml Bottle

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1 review for Dodo Juice Sour Power Car Wash Shampoo 500ml

  1. Joe

    It foams really well and cleans beautifully. The added carnauba wax left my white car gleaming. I am very happy.

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