Poorboys Super Slick & Suds Concentrated

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Super Slick & Suds is a very highly concentrated car shampoo with extraordinary lubricants, surfactants and suds to safely remove dirt and grime from a well maintained vehicle without stripping off wax or sealants. It is pH neutral (7) and between a quarter and half ounce will do a vehicle or two. Super Slick & Suds is also free rinsing, which makes drying a breeze.

946ml bottle


* Very highly concentrated

* Works really well with the Gilmour Foam Gun

* Suds seem to go on forever cleans off the most stubborn marks

Directions For Use

Dilution rate of 260:1

Simply add the correct amount of shampoo to your suds bucket and then fill to the top with warm tap water. If your water pressure is low and relatively few suds are produced, blast some water into the bucket with your hose, this will generate more suds.

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