Monza Ultra Pro Wash Sponge

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This Monza Ultra Pro Car Wash Sponge is made from high-quality soft foam as used in their applicator pads so you can be sure it’s kind to your paint. Ultra smooth, light and dense – making it absorbent and absolutely perfect for washing cars.

Moulded to a natural hand grip size, this pro sponge is forever supple and drenches your car in soft frothy bubbles, helping you slide dirt and foreign matter away from your paint with minimum effort.

Made from a very soft but tight foam cell design, which is ideal for not trapping bits grit etc within it and it will not remove your wax coat either.

Dimensions – L 20cm W12cm H4.5cm,

Colour may vary from black or beige foam.


Made from high-quality soft foam

Very kind to your paint

Ultra smooth, light and dense

Will not load up wool or foam pads

Highly absorbent and perfect for washing cars

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