Nanolex Wash Coat Sealant

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Nanolex WashCoat is a truly unique product – the application is very quick and very easy, it literally takes a few minutes only. The product is applied during the wash, right after the final rinse.

Nanolex WashCoat is a very quick and effective way to protect and maintain exterior automotive surfaces.
WashCoat is applied onto the car after washing, when the car is still wet. It forms a chemical bond with the paint and previously applied protective layers, and refreshes them. The gloss level of the paint and water beading properties are highly increased after a treatment with WashCoat.

Your car will also stay cleaner for longer, and be easier to wash with the increased protection.

WashCoat can be applied by using a foam lance or a pump sprayer.

This product was developed, tested, and produced in Germany.

500ml bottle




Directions For Use

Apply WashCoat only to wet surfaces, preferably after washing the car, before rinsing. Nanolex WashCoat should be applied by using a foam lance or a pump sprayer. Only dilute Nanolex Washcoat immediately before using it.

Use 50-100ml for an initial application and 20-50ml for maintenance solved in 500ml of water. Spread all of the solution evenly on the surface and let it sit until the foam has built droplets and settled on the surface.

Rinse after a maximum of 3 minutes using a pressure washer.

Make sure that all residue is removed properly.

Dry the car carefully, using a soft, plush towel.

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1 review for Nanolex Wash Coat Sealant

  1. Marcos Eusebio

    Simple Fantastic. Easy to use and durable protection.

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