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Valet PRO Advanced Neutral Snow Foam 1 Litre


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Valet Pro Advanced Snow Foam was developed to be the most effective snow foam available for use as a pre-wash. It cleans as well as the stronger alkaline based traffic film removers and it really safe on all surfaces and more importantly does not remove waxes and sealant coats.

When used for wheel cleaning it does a great job too and its safe on even magnesium wheels too. Simply spray on neat (dilute if you wish) jet wash off and you have a similar affect that you get from bilberry and through a lance will remove bugs and grime with ease.

A very competent wheel cleaner, and a more than adequate foam.

1 litre bottle


* PH Neutral ‘Wax Safe’ Formula

* Cleans like a TFR cleaner

* Highly concentrated

* Safe Wheel Cleaning

* Removes bugs & road grime

* Dual purpose product

* Very pleasant aroma

* Minimal product required for effective use as wheel cleaner

Directions For Use

You can use it neat on wheels and to remove stubborn dirt but for best results use through a foam lance. As a pre wash you can use it neat for heavy grime or up to a ratio of 1:30 for light grime, apply, leave for about 5 minutes and then rinse off.

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