Poorboys Nattys BLACK Paste Wax

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Poorboy’s Nattys BLACK Paste Wax 8oz

Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax helps you take you dark coloured paint to the next level. This unique colour-enhancing formula makes black paint look like a pool of ink and even hides minor imperfections. Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax produces an incredible shine with smooth, crisp reflections every time!

If you own a black car, you can certainly agree with the statement, “It’s not a colour, it’s a full time job!”—even navy, plum, dark green, and other dark colors can keep you busy. Any scratches, dust, or dirt look a lot worse on a darker colour, they simply stand out more, and that does not bode well with those of us that strive for detailing perfection! Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax helps protect your perfectly detailed, dark coloured vehicle while adding the deep, dark shine you crave!

Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax contains a special blend of 100% Brazillian Carnauba Wax and protective UV absorbers and works great as a standalone wax formula. Apply Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax as a topper over Poorboys EX or EX-P sealant for an even more extreme level of protection and gloss! Poorboys Natty’s Black Paste Wax is easy to apply in sun or shade, wiping off easily no matter the weather conditions.

  • Easy On/Easy Off
  • Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Use in Sun or Shade
  • Long Lasting Formula with Patented UV Light Absorbers
  • Super Clarity, Protection and Depth for all Finishes, Colours and Vehicles

227ml / 8oz tub


Easy on / easy off

Carnauba paste wax

Super clarity & protection

Extra depth, gloss, wetness & slickness

Use in sun or shade

Long lasting formula with patented UV light absorbers

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