Nanolex Si3D Ceramic Coating Bundle

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Nanolex Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which in turn provides excellent corrosion protection with easy-to-clean-properties. The additionally-implemented thermoplastic component forms an incredibly hydrophobic, flexible, cross-linked matrix to give outstanding hardness and durability.

Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint to up to 9H+ adding a clear coat with a colour-darkening effect to the treated surface. Depending on the number of applied layers of Si3D, the thickness of the coating can vary. The coating thickness, combined with the sophisticated structural nature of the Si3D matrix, make the coatings resistant to abrasion caused by frequent washing and also unaffected by most chemical substances.

Unlike traditional protective coatings such as car wax and conventional polymer coatings, where the protective efficiency decreases with time, and from using degreasing or alkaline detergents, or because of mechanical removal, Nanolex Si3D coating exhibits outstanding durability and a tough insensitivity to abrasion from frequent washing and the use of strong alkaline or acidic detergents.

Choice of either 30ml or 50ml bottle kits

The Si3D Bundle is designed as a complete kit for the application of Si3D and contains the following:

Si3D Sealant 30 ml or 50 ml
EX 200 ml
Applicator Block
Applicator Cloths
Microfiber Cloths


Easy to apply

Solvent and flourine free

High resistance to abrasion and weathering

Produces a high gloss finish

Enhances the paints clarity and colour

Durability of approximately 20,000 miles

Nanolex Si3D was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany

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